December 2, 2016 

Dear Friends:

2007 to present.  There have been many highs over the past nine years for Harlem Needle Arts but there have been many low points for this country.

I would be remiss as a resident of Harlem, administrator, change leader, and connector if I didn’t address the tumultuous environment that Black/Africans and indigenous people continue to be subjected to in the United States of America and beyond.

The disregard for humanity has shaken many and weakened their core.  With a commitment to our constituents, I recognize that some of you are feeling marginalized and disconnected.  As the executive director of a non-profit, arts and cultural organization, Harlem Needle Arts creates a safe environment for sustaining our community through the tradition of needle arts.  Our creative platform serves as a portal to expand the conversation about resources representing a quality lifestyle for our constituents.  HNA continuously addresses issues through exhibitions and dialog.  From curatorial content that includes My Brothers’ Thread; american Juju for the Tapestry of Truth; The Fabric of Emancipation; to economic development; business of art; our image; health and education; we are dedicated to empowering our community.

On December 1 HNA will launch #31DaysofHNA, which includes our end of year #Giving campaign and a kick off to our 2017 tenth anniversary.  For 31 days you will experience images of the #HNA_Journey over the past ten years; dispel myths about HNA and needle art engagement; participate in safe space healing with Free #Mantra_Mondays and #Creative_Sundays workshops; and learn about our 2017 adventures.

Through our inaugural #Giving campaign, we would like your support to help us reach our $31,000 goal to enable HNA to continue to provide art, heritage and resources to the Harlem community.

As we heal after a most disturbing election cycle, know that HNA will continue our obligation to YOU.

#31DaysofHNA starts December 1 and I look forward to sharing our journey and your participation during this significant time.


Michelle Bishop
Executive Director

HNA stands in solidarity
#KnowTheHistoryOfUSA and you will know our pain





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