January 18 – February 23, 2018

The Arsenal Gallery, Central Park

830 Fifth Avenue at 64th Street, Third Floor

Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Closed Holidays | Free Admission

Curated by Harlem Needle Arts with support from NYC Parks’ Ebony Society

Identity disrupts the notion that image and culture are “trends” and not a lifestyle.  Despite the fractured nature in which society, especially the media, defines the imagery of people of the African Diaspora, Identity embraces the works of artists who are self-aware, self-motivated and through their work express the cultural landscape of their lives.

Through embroidery, soft sculpture, quilt, and mixed media, the artists emerge with diverse voices as they illustrate multiple layers of ethnic connectivity, artivism and leadership that make up the Diaspora.   The exhibition purposefully evokes elements of swag, spirituality, icons, music, and social justice, to provoke audiences to recognize the vast contributions that Africans continue to make to the overarching foundation of society.

“Our culture can’t be erase through media sound bites.  The exhibit embraces the organic nature of varying backgrounds and traditions which govern each artist’s life.  Identity is an artistic voice that influences the essence of living your truth through one’s own emancipated terms while acknowledging cultural greatness,” says Harlem Needle Arts, executive director Michelle Bishop.

Featured Artists

Krystle Collins

Valerie Deas

Shimoda Donna Emanuel

Ife Felix

Sylvia Hernandez

Dindga McCannon

Ruth Miller

LaVesha Parker

Teresa Vega

Michelle Bishop | 212-491-8581 | Email:  | Website:


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