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Urban Threads Salon 1791 (UT) is a curated fiber and needle arts gallery and creative space hosting residences, exhibits, workshops, and industry services.

Additionally, our creative store features the work of artists Alex Reynoso, Sahara Briscoe, Michael Cummings, Ife Felix, Oluwaseyi Awoyomi, Pat Mabry, Sylvia Hernandez and Blackfly Designs.

Calendar of Events

December 2 – 5pm to 9pm | December 3 and 4 -12pm to 7pm

The Odyssey by Oluwaseyi Awoyomi

Adire patchwork pillow covers OAwoyomi

OLUWASEYI AWOYOMI is an artist steeped in the Nigerian traditions of her Yoruba background and parents that developed her artistic express at age 8.

Shayee is a fifth generation Adire artist sharing folklore through textile and performance. Additionally, Shayee is well versed in reverse applique, quilting, wood carving, batik, bead art, and metal work. Shayee’s talents stem from being immersed in art from both her mother Chief Nike Davies Okundaye and her father the late Twin Seven Seven.

The odyssey of her multidisciplinary practice informs how to approach subject matters in art and how to give back to the community at large to build engagement.  Oluwaseyi’s portfolio includes programming and exhibits at Hope Community Center, Friends of Morningside Park, the LeRoy Neiman Art Center, and Harlem Needle Arts.

October 7-9: Body of Work by Cassandra Bromfield

When did you first fall in love with the STITCH? Was it at mama’s knee, or was it at the tailoring shop down the gap? When did the flow and repetitive nature of the stitch first capture your heart and imagination?

Everything we do has a rhythm and flow, and that includes the creative process of stitching, sewing, and needle work/art.

The Urban Thread Salon 1791 is delighted to feature the Harlem Premier of Body of Work by designer and creative mastermind, Cassandra Bromfield.

When exploring my passion for sewing my thought bubbled as I examined the intoxicating power of sewing. What I discovered was the unconscious force my cousin and I had, every time we made something. I definitely don’t think we thought of it as powerful…but it was. We had a vision for ourselves and then made that vision a reality.

Body of Work explores my sewing journey, where these creative ideas were planted, nurtured, and cultivated. This is a capsule collection of one-of-a-kind coats/jackets, using the fabrics in my stash, patch working it all together just like my mother taught me to do so many years ago.

Excerpt from designer’s statement.

Cassandra launched her career in the fashion industry as an assistant designer for a dress company. She then moved on to production pattern maker for two lingerie companies before striking out on her own to independently run her own company, Cassandra Bromfield’s Company.

Simultaneously working for herself, Ms. Bromfield also worked freelance for several years with Audrey Smaltz and the Ground Crew. That company did backstage management for fashion shows which included 7th on 6th, Fashion Week, MTV, fashion photo shoot and more.

Cassandra’s company focus on vintage and culturally inspired Ready to Wear, for today’s independent fashionable women. Many of her designs will include patch worked fabrics that she created then used to create everyday wearable luxury and custom designed wedding gowns.

One of her garments has been exhibited at the Museum of the City of New York. The patchwork gown is embellished with fabrics, buttons, ribbons from family heirlooms are sewn into the dress.

Cassandra Bromfield’s passion project of creating short videos of her mother’s old photos, 8mm film and audio collections, created a You Tube channel devoted to these edited films and recordings. M. Elaine Bromfield documented much of everyday life along with grand milestones in the family. The audio recordings include a birthday party and the swearing as a judge her brother, Honorable Claudius Matthews, films of life in Puerto Rico and life in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This passion project led to a film collaboration with Union Docs, Ivana Hucíková, Sarah Keeling and Grace Remington, “Into My Life”.

Instagram: @cassandrabromfielddesigner
Facebook: cassandrabromfieldreadytowear

August 1: #MantraMondays Book signing and conversation. Black Girls Sew: Projects and Patterns to Stitch and Make Your Own with Hekima Hapa and Lesley Ware. In person and streaming via Zoom. Register, buy your book and read more.

Through November 1st The Language of Needle Arts featuring artists from Jacksonville, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Nigeria, and New York – Thursday-Saturday12-8 | Sunday 12-6

July 7-10: Blackfly Designs from Kenya at Urban Threads – Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12-6 | Thursday 1-8

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